Geissele Automatics SSA & SSA-E Trigger for AR-15/M16/308 AR: A Comprehensive Review

Geissele Automatics SSA & SSA-E Trigger for AR-15/M16/308 AR: A Comprehensive Review


The trigger is the heart of any firearm, determining its responsiveness, accuracy, and overall shooting experience. Geissele Automatics, a name synonymous with precision and quality, brings to the market the SSA & SSA-E Trigger for AR-15/M16/308 AR platforms. This review offers a deep dive into the features, benefits, and technical aspects of this state-of-the-art trigger system.

Design & Functionality:

The Geissele Automatics SSA (Super Semi-Automatic) is a 2-stage combat trigger designed with a fixed 4½ lb. total pull weight. It boasts non-adjustable sear engagement and additional safety features, making it ideal for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and mid-range carbine operations. A standout feature is the secondary “safety sear” that captures the hammer if the primary sear accidentally releases due to a hard impact. This ensures the rifle can only fire when the shooter intentionally pulls the trigger.

The SSA-E (Super Semi-Automatic-Enhanced) variant offers a lighter, 3½ lb. total pull weight. This makes it an excellent choice for precision Squad Designated Marksman rifles where both accuracy and reliability are paramount. The first stage gradually builds to 2.3 lbs., followed by a 1.2 lb. second stage that breaks crisply, reminiscent of a “candy cane-like” break.

Performance & Reliability:

The SSA & SSA-E triggers are optimized for both deliberate, aimed fire and quick, “snap shooting.” The two-stage design ensures a shooter can stay on target throughout the pull, enhancing accuracy and shot placement. A lightweight hammer, driven by a full-power hammer spring, ensures rapid lock time and positive ignition across all ammunition types.

All contact surfaces are wire-EDM cut to exact dimensions, ensuring precise engagement free of play. This meticulous attention to detail ensures a smooth, consistent pull every time.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: High-grade steel with a black finish.
  • Compatibility: Fits semi-automatic AR-15/M16 receivers with .154″ diameter hammer and trigger pin holes. It may also be installed in AR-style .308 rifles that accept AR-15 triggers.
  • Design: 2-stage trigger system with a fixed pull weight (4½ lb. for SSA and 3½ lb. for SSA-E).
  • Safety Features: Secondary “safety sear” for added security.
  • Additional Information: The SSA-E is a semi-auto-only version of the Geissele full-auto combat trigger used by the U.S. Special Operations community.

What Sets It Apart:

The Geissele Automatics SSA & SSA-E triggers are more than just components; they are game-changers in the world of firearms. The combination of safety features, precision engineering, and the two-stage design makes them unique offerings in the market. Whether you’re a professional shooter, a member of the armed forces, or an enthusiast, these triggers promise an unparalleled shooting experience.

Furthermore, the ease of installation, with direct replacement for factory triggers without the need to remove the safety, ensures that users can upgrade their firearm with minimal hassle.


The Geissele Automatics SSA & SSA-E Triggers for AR-15/M16/308 AR platforms are a blend of innovation, functionality, and design. For those seeking to enhance their firearm’s responsiveness and safety without compromising on performance, these triggers are invaluable additions. Their robust construction, unique features, and thoughtful design make them a must-have for any firearm enthusiast.

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