How to Buy a Gun Online in 6 Easy Steps

Online Firearm Purchase Facts

  • Firearm MUST ship to a federally-licensed dealer (FFL)

  • Buyer must undergo a background check when picking up the firearm

  • Dealers charge a transfer fee to transfer the gun to you

  • You must pay sales tax

Buying a gun online is legal, just follow these 6 easy steps

Step 1: Find an Online Store that Sells Guns

Visit a site that sells firearms online, like Brownells, grabagun or palmettostatearmory.  There are many places out there, just make sure you’ve checked your local state laws to make sure the gun you would like to purchase is legal to own in your state.

Step 2: Find and Buy your Gun Online

Select the pistol, rifle or shotgun you wish to buy online.  Add it to your online cart, and complete the checkout process by paying for your online purchase.  Don’t forget to add ammunition and accessories, such as a safe and cleaning kit!


Note: make sure the firearm you wish to purchase online is legal in your state.  Just because the store has it for sale doesn’t mean you can own it where you live.  It is your responsibility to ensure it’s legal for you to possess.  Most sites will have a disclaimer at the bottom of the product page indicating what states prohibit possession of that firearm.

Step 3: Find Local Firearms Dealer to Accept Shipment

Locate a local licensed firearm dealer who will accept a firearm shipped from an online store.  Most gun stores will accept these transfers, but it is up to you to reach out to them to determine if they will.


Normally, a quick phone call along the lines of “Hey <insert local dealer’s name>, I purchased a firearm online and was wondering if I could have it shipped to you guys to do a transfer?”


Step 4: Input Local Dealer's Info

You need to give the local dealer’s info to the site you purchased from.  Sometimes, the website will require the dealer to fax / email a copy of their license if they haven’t shipped to that dealer before.  If that’s the case, you might have to contact the dealer again to have them send the required documentation.


Step 5: Background Check

Once the firearm arrives at your local federally-licensed firearm dealer, it’s almost time to pick it up.  You can track your purchase using shipping information from the online store, but the local dealer still has to receive the firearm and log it on their books before you can come and pick it up.

Once they have it logged in their books, you can head up there and start the process of filling out the federal form 4473 to begin the background check process.  Your dealer will need to see your ID, and your CPL / CCW if it’s recognized as a exemption by the ATF.

NOTE: Make sure to verify the condition of your firearm prior to filling out the 4473 and taking official ownership of the firearm.  If there are any defects or issues, you want to send it back before completing the paperwork.

Step 6: Take it home

If your state has a waiting period,  you’ll have to wait until that period is satisfied.  Otherwise, you’re free to bring your newly-purchased firearm home with you.

Recommended Pistols to Buy Online

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Additional Details
Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson
Sale Price: $399.99 $419.99
Availability: In Stock


The M&P9 Shield EZ is a compact, everyday-carry variation of Smith & Wessons popular M&P pistol line that is designed, first and foremost to be easy to use. Compact pistols chambered in 9mm are typically blowback operated, which requires a stiff recoil spring that is hard for shooters with limited hand strength to operate. The M&P9 Shield EZ is engineered to require significantly less force than similar pistols to rack the slide. Deep serrations as the rear of the slide provide an excellent gripping surface for racking. Aggressive texturing on the grip firmly anchors the pistol in the shooters hand – a big help in racking the slide AND in controlling rec Mfg: Smith & Wesson
Additional Details
Manufacturer: Sig Sauer
Price: $499.99
Availability: In Stock


The micro-compact, Sig Sauer P365 strikes the right balance between capacity and concealment. Rated for +P ammunition, this striker-fired 9mm pistol hold a full 10 rounds in its double-stack mag, yet retains a slender, concealment-friendly 1″ width. The fully textured polymer grip makes it easy to hang on to your P365 under recoil, while deep serrations on the stainless steel slide provide a positive gripping surface when racking the slide. With the P365, Sig also proves that packing a small, concealable pistol does not require a compromise in trigger quality. The P365 has a remarkably clean, crisp trigger pull for a small striker-fired pistol. There is no manual safety to compl Mfg: Sig Sauer
Additional Details
Manufacturer: Glock
Price: $474.99
Availability: In Stock
Buy it Now


Glock revolutionized the concealed-carry market with the launch of the companys G43, designed as its first-ever single-stack, subcompact 9mm handgun. The innovative construction of the Glock G43 means that its easy to conceal and carry in a variety of popular CCW positions, all while retaining the rugged design and simple functionality of the Glock Safe Action System. Each Glock G43 is outfitted with a thin slide measuring just 1.02 inches wide, and the gun measures only 6.26 inches in overall length. The pistol is outfitted with the Glock Safe Action system, a striker-fired design with no pre-charged energy until the user pulls the trigger. Barrel le Mfg: Glock