Ohio Pistol-Free Zones

Pistol free zones:
• Police stations
• Sheriffs’ offices
• Highway Patrol posts
• Premises controlled by BCI
• Correctional institutions or other detention facilities
• Airport terminals or airplanes
• Facilities for the care of mentally ill persons
• Courthouses or buildings in which a courtroom is located
• Universities, unless locked in a motor vehicle or in the process of being locked in a motor vehicle
• Places of worship, unless the place of worship permits otherwise
• Child day-care centers
• Licensed Class D liquor permit premises, if you are consuming beer or intoxicating liquor or are under the influence. If you are not consuming, and not under the influence, you may carry unless there is a conspicuous sign prohibiting carry.
Possession of a concealed firearm is allowed in a rental store with a D-6 or D-8 permit as long as the concealed carry license holder is not consuming liquor. Class D permits are generally issued to an establishment that sells alcohol for consumption on the premises. In any event, do not consume beer or liquor before carrying a concealed handgun into a licensed premises or while on the premises.
• Government facilities that are not used primarily as a shelter, restroom, parking facility for motor vehicles, or rest facility and are not a courthouse or a building or structure in which a courtroom is located.
• School safety zones: A school safety zone includes a school, school building, school premises, school activity, and school bus. For the purposes of this statute, a school includes everything up to the property boundary.
** If you are licensed to carry a concealed handgun, you may carry a handgun into a school safety zone only if you do not enter a school building, school premises, or school activity. You may be in a motor vehicle and immediately in the process of picking up or dropping off a child. You must also comply with all other laws governing the transportation of firearms in a motor vehicle.

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