Our Mission: Empower Instructors.

We allow instructors to focus on delivering the best student experience, period.

As an instructor, you wear a lot of hats:

CEO.  CFO.  COO.  Marketing manager.  Customer service.

Partner with us today and wear the hat you were meant to:
Chief Instructor.

The Internet, Made Easy

Your Own Website

Your students, Your Brand, Your Classes.
All in one place. 


Custom Web Design 

We build each instructor website individually,
using your colors, logo and pictures.
And of course it’s fully optimized for registrations.


As more students are using phones and tablets to research online, we make sure your site shows up in a mobile-friendly way. Everything is fully responsive.

Online Student Registrations

  • See who’s registered

  • Check payment status

  • Print out class list

  • Automatic reminder E-mails

  • Coupon Codes

  • Online payments (Credit card, Paypal)

Get More Students

Ranking high with search engines like Google is extremely important to get in front of potential new students but it takes time, strategy and attention to detail.  Our team constantly monitors and implements changes to keep rankings high.

Advertising is all about getting in front of the right people at the right time.  As experts in marketing, we put our money where our mouth is by negotiating deals to get your classes in front of more people.

Tired of no-shows?  Want to connect with your former students?  With our automated e-mail system, not only are students reminded of upcoming classes, but we can let them know about other upcoming classes to further training.

Our platform makes it easy for students to share their experience in your classes right from your website.  Generate new referrals and more business by leveraging social media.

If students have a question, who are they going to call?  Simple: they call us.  We are there to answer the phone and answer any questions a student might have.  Voicemails going to your phone?  Not anymore.


Join a Community

Discounts on Materials, Guns and Accessories

Did you know that companies LOVE to give instructors deals on products?  Why?  Because students buy what they’ve used and know.  We contact vendors to get deals on products like EOtech, Trijicon and more!

Only the Best.

We want to be the best training resource in the world.  The only way to do that is by making sure each student has the best training experience with the best instructors.  Not every instructor is accepted.

Interact with Other Instructors

Have a large class and need extra help?  Need to borrow something?  We’re all on the same team, and meeting new like-minded people is always a plus. Make new friends and share ideas. 

Learn From Others

What’s the best frequency to do concealed pistol training?  Every month?  Every 2 weeks?  How popular are basic pistol classes?  We have the data to help you make wise choices and suggest other popular class types to teach.

Ready to Join?

Instructor Application

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What We’re Looking For

Personality.  We don’t want drill-type instructors.  We prefer those who make everyone feel welcomed and produce a training environment that’s both informative and safe.


  • Commitment to being the BEST
  • Mastery of firearms
  • Instructor Certification from recognized organization
  • Strict adherence to gun safety procedures
  • Active firearm liability insurance (we can help you find a policy)
  • Teach more than one discipline (eg. basic pistol and ccw)
  • Desire to dedicate more time to teaching
  • No questionable history (felonies, dishonorable discharge, etc)
  • Passion for guns
  • Passion for teaching
  • Going the extra mile to make students comfortable