Ohio FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I’ve never shot a gun but I want to get a CCW.  Can I take the class?

A: You’re welcomed in the Ohio CCW Class.  We have built our name and reputation by working with first-time shooters.  In every class, a large number of students have little or no previous firearms experience, and the CPL class covers the basics of safe pistol handling and the golden rules of gun safety.  

Q: Do I need to own a gun to take the classes?

A: No!  A large portion of people that take our gun classes don’t own a handgun or pistol.  Also in the concealed pistol license classes, the topic “how to choose the right firearm for personal protection” is covered at length, so if you don’t own a pistol and not sure what kind to get, you can learn what to look for as part of the CPL class.  

Q: Are food and drinks provided during your CCW classes?

A: Drinks are usually available but it is recommended to bring your own drinks.  We usually end up ordering a bunch of pizzas for lunch.  

Q: Is the CPL class just for Ohio or are out-of-state residents eligible?

A: Each state is different, but the CCW class is often an official NRA or USCCA course that might qualify as the training requirements in other states.  We also have US Concealed Carry Association instructors that teach a course that qualifies for a concealed pistol license or CCW in Ohio as well as other states.

Q: Should I bring ammo with me to class if I have some?

A: You can use your own ammo at the gun range, but live ammo is never ever permitted inside the classroom.  Leave it in your car until instructed to get it.  

Q: I have a felony.  Can I take your classes?

A: No.  Felons are not eligible for a Ohio CCW License, and are barred from possession of a firearms unless that right has been explicitly restored by the court. 

Q: I have a felony conviction but it was 20 years ago.  Can I get a CCW in Ohio?

A: If you’ve ever been prohibited from having a weapon under ORC Section 2923.125, you must provide court documentation granting relief for disability.

Q: What should I expect in a Ohio CCW class?

A: The Ohio CCW class is a mix of classroom learning and range time.  The classroom portion has to be an approved course as determined by the state of Michigan.  Topics include safe gun handling, Ohio laws regarding use of deadly force and dealing with a deadly encounter.  The classroom portion must be at least 6 hours long with 2 hours of range time.  Students typically shoot between 50-100 rounds.  You can find an Ohio CCW class near you by clicking here.