Pistol-Free Zones

If you have a current Illinois CCL, you can carry your firearm concealed pretty much anywhere unless the property explicitly prohibits the carrying of pistols as well as the following pistol free zones:

Pistol-free zones

The following areas will prohibit the carrying of a concealed weapon in Illinois:

  1. Schools:secondary, and pre-schools and child

    care facilities (Operators of a child

    care facility may possess a firearm, but

    must keep it in a locked container any

    time a child is present in the home)

    2) State property, including the executive,

    legislative and judicial branches

    (except designated hunting areas or

    buildings where firearms are permitted

    by the Dept. of Natural Resources)

    3) Correctional Institutions: prisons, jails or other correctional institutions, adult or juvenile detention centers.

    4) Hospitals: nursing homes, mental health facilities

    5) Buses: transportation, as well as buildings,

    property or parking lots under the

    control of a public transportation


    6) Bars: Any establishment that serves alcohol, if more than 50% of its gross receipts are from the sale of alcohol)

    7) Public gatherings: Special events on property open to the public that requires a permit issued by a unit of local government (street fairs, “taste of” events, festivals, etc.) or any Special Event Retailers License for the sale of alcohol.

    8) Public Playgrounds: Parks, athletic fields under the control of a city or park district (does not include a trail or bike path, if only a portion of the trail or bike path includes a public park.

    9) Property under control of the Cook County Forest Preserve District

    10) Public and private universities: colleges and community colleges, including classrooms, athletic venues, hospitals, laboratories, performance halls and galleries, as well as parking areas, sidewalks and common areas.

    11) Gaming facilities: horse racing tracks and off-track betting parlors

    12) College and professional sports facilities

    13) Libraries

    14) Airports

    15) Amusement parks

    16) Zoos and museums

    17) Nuclear power plants or other facilities

    regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory

    Commission (no vehicle “safe haven”)

    18) Any area where firearms are prohibited

    by federal law (no vehicle “safe




“Premises”  includes the parking areas of the places listed above as per Illinois statutes.  If you are ever in doubt, it is always best to err in the side of caution and to contain your pistol in a secured container.



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